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As a child I looked through paper tubes visualizing the world as a camera. Cardboard sculptures

As a teen I learned black and white photography in the darkroom did lightshows for bands started Optic rock light show it was a hit. Began drawing real cartoon like drawings.

In my 20’s began doing large xerox paintings of my photo’s and had a few exhibits

In my 30’s continued drawing every day doing my xerox photo paintings more shows and sold art letters on the street.

40’s began digital photography and early computer art continued doing photography and some video. Started BBS’ing and ran my  own BBS

50’s bigger better digital camera’s and now not only 2D but 3D photos and video. Website master

Send all your questions, notes, letters, post cards to:

Donald Meek

PO BOX 23222

Seattle WA 98102

or Email Donald at



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Donald meek

Donald meek


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