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Xerox Copy

Xerox Copy is the most and best value on Opticrocks.com

By far at only 12.77 per Xerox copy that’s a steal with art on it.

That’s so close to cost for me that I am scared that this Xerox copy price will go up in the very near future

It is such a good deal for a color copy wait does it say color copy? I think when I was thinking of it I was thinking black and white copy but that’s not fair now is it? So I messed up pricing this one.

Should I post this in the news and get you all a great deal near cost for a Xerox copy.

So for limited time (no clue when I change the price) get a COLOR XEROX COPY 8x10 for only 12.77 or 12770 credits what a score now that you can use SAC/777 Credits on here for buying prints and such you can just post on SAC/777 and buy my prints with your Credits you earn.

Credits ROCK! I love giving credits away for work its like paying people I know but it’s not much just a few cents a post for the most part from 7 to 100 credits per post about on avg maybe 40 credits I think. Or 25 points don’t forget points for playing the slot machine and winning big you get 25 points per post on SAC/777 Seattle Art Commune/ 777Microtheater dot com. If you haven’t come and visit us on SAC/777 you should consider it we have TEN Artists including me and what else massive forums about everything under the sun.  We are kind of your ART and CRAFT Gallery ONLINE yeah that’s it we are an online gallery. Yes in the ART Tab find GALLERY and click that it will be your opening page when you first visit the site

Our Gallery we are very happy to have Loren Smedberg, Shannon Kringen, and Laurie Miller 3 of 9 good artists on board with me being an ARDist art is included in what I do yes.

We love our artists IF you are a ARTIST and know a ARTIST please come visit us at SeattleArtCommune.com and look around we can get you a category on the main Art Gallery page.

We would love having you

Come visit http://seattleartcommune.com


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flower power
old drawing


Hand Colored Postcard



Donald meek

Donald meek


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