Life begins at the TOP

Life Begins at the TOP!

No that’s not a XTC song it’s a philosophy.

We are as perfect as we get when we are born, and life begins at the top and slowly hopefully slowly works its way down. We are perfect humans or near as perfect as it comes when first born, simple complete humans. Then it’s what we learn in childhood that makes us. We are on a slow decline depending on our parents and what we learn as kids. In our teen years we make some of our own decisions it is not just what we learn but what we want to learn and how we live our lives from that point on. We can remain simple complete near perfect by choice no matter how our parent treated us or our siblings. It truly in adult life is how we choose to live what choices we make in our lives what we desire to learn and grow as an adult that is what completes our life package. By choice we can become near perfect again.

Stay young think like a baby simple full of interest explore and know you’re loved.  Really the simple life is best full of joy and eager to explore the world around us.  Touch things like it’s the first time. Sure you may no longer have the parents you once had holding you giving you love. You can love yourself like a parent would. Nurture your inner child be your own parent love yourself.





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