Friday, July 22, 2016

7:24 PM

What I really want is for A it to be total free for the artist.

After all they work hard for the art.

I want the best of Artists.

But really Any Artist for now is fine.

It’s a commune so I would love to have feedback on what to change in the site.

I want you to feel you have input as a human for what should go down on the site

For now this is a no or low rejection site so feel free to post your art.

I might reject certain things at times such as average photos. (of which I might have a few or lots)

I might even reject certain art but that would be very rare.

I want to give everyone possibility of doing ART its truly Art for and by the people.

This is a commune as long as you partake and post either A>graphic files B>in the forums text format

Then you are an active member.

As you progress with your number of posts you get a higher user tag

I have one superior user as his tag on SAC777

What fun this is did you know commune means to communicate?

It sure does! Look it up.


This for many on here is just a one way street that is you like reading.

That is fine we need views and readers it makes for a more active site we love our readers

ONE WAY COMMUNICATION is what? Art and entertainment?

That is fine perhaps you could post an answer to a question?

Would be nice if you did.

What it means to be a member?

A member will read and post.

An Artist will upload new art.

A Admin will help with some duties such as making awards or something.

Anyways I am OPEN to all ideas and people artists crafts musicians sculpture any other arts

We want writers also for our forums make it art in English

I personally love the Art Commune I do.

It is a great source of satisfaction that as a group we can do amazing things

Such as attracted 400 to 1000 visitors a day.

Millions of page views

We like that you like us

Love is key and this commune should have that too.

Like us on Facebook.

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    If your as good as me your in like fline
    and nearly everyone is

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