Seattle Music Commune


Seattle Music Commune

Seattle Music Commune is a new idea for a music site for musicians to show off their works

it would open on the music page which is like a face book for mp3’s

the last MP3 uploaded is top on the list. There is a search feature for people to search for your band name or song name.

i would charge musicians say 15 per year or much less for a month or a 7 day trial.

This paid membership would do two things let only musicians upload their band mp3’s and keep people from spamming or putting copyrighted mp3’s on site

The software has many features such as events and classifieds. These features would let the band promote themselves and sell their music via sharing on many sites such as facebook twitter google plus and pintrest plus many others. they can even email these posts for most all features I even shared to this site (find the link below)

find the site below



also please donate to get this site started I am asking for start up funds which include the software and 2 years of hosting




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